A Softer Twister


A Softer Twister

Earlier this year I went back into this painting and painted a blue glaze over it. I like it better because the letters are no longer the most important. Twister is.


Spring Creek Wild Horse Painting

Wild horses  peeking  out from behind bushes, though still visible, feel safer.  They make me laugh when they do this.  I always wanted to share this humor, being sure to keep the energy of this wild horse  intact.  I used an open weave of Japanese rice paper, dipping it in light green acrylic paint to […]


Recent Works December 11, 2010

A closeup of Duke, a magnificent wild stallion in Disappointment Valley,Spring Creek Basin. This herd is located in the desert between Norwood and Dove Creek,Colorado. He is an older stallion, living with horses whose families were broken up by the 2007 Roundup by the US gov’t/BLM(Bureau of Land Management). He seems to be the wise […]


Michael Mitchell Interiors Gallery – Christmas work

This past Saturday I was invited to paint at the Michael Mitchell Interiors Gallery at 438 King St., Charleston, S.C.. The gallery is large and well lit, filled with beautiful art from different artists. The doors were open so the public could come in and watch my painting of Duke evolve. Duke is a wild […]


Skol Studio and Design – Summer Works

This gallery shows several works that were created during our summer stay in Ouray, Colorado. During that time I visit the wild horses in Disappointment Valley, where I am able to cautiously view and photograph them in all their wild magnificence. These paintings are displayed in the lovely Skol Gallery, in downtown Ouray, Colorado. I […]


Summer Work and the Artist

This summer Karen spent with her family in Colorado. Between family and painting time, she visited the wild horses in the nearby deserts as often as possible. This post shows some of the paintings and photos that resulted from that trip.


Skol Gallery Painting

This painting, “Eyes of Disappointment Valley II”, is in the Skol Gallery in Ouray, Colorado. I am headed to Ouray soon and  plan to visit the wild horses of Disappointment Valley at my first opportunity. It is something I look forward to every summer.