Wild Horse Paintings 2

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Moments With Wild Horses #250 @2015    48 x 72  Hayden, Spring Creek Basin wild stallion, Disappointment Valley.

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Moments With Wild Horses # 251 @2015 Wild Mare Star,  Sanctuary   36 x 60

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Moments With Wild Horses @2014   48 x 60  Ze, Spring Creek Basin wild stallion, Disappointment Valley

Karen Keene Day Original Wild Horse Paintings, Gallery 2

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Wild Horse Paintings by Karen Keene Day

Inspiration for Karen’s wild horse art comes from twelve years of traveling to different wild horse management areas (HMA) in the USA, to look for the wild horses, to observe and photograph them. Her primary focus has been in with the Spring Creek Herd in the desert region of Disappointment Valley in Colorado, located between Durango and Norwood, CO.

Noble, majestic, powerful, beautiful … it is these qualities of horses that Karen Keene Day sees, and through her paintings, reveals their spirituality in a Celebration of Life through color & movement. In their strong family units in the wild or alone, running free or standing still, Karen paints them with rich colors, free of tack and rider. Read more about Karen here.

Learn more about the wild horses Karen paints here.

Purchase any of the above paintings through Skol Studio: (970) 325-7290

To visit Skol Studio and Design is to have a grasp of this creative couples’ exquisite tastes. Together they have designed a gallery that is a work of art in itself. Jeff Skoloda’s amazing metalwork highlights gates, tables and hangers throughout the gallery, not to mention the town, and is a delight to the eye. Nicole’s taste in chosen artists are inspiring and a stop is highly recommended.

Ouray, Colorado is a true hidden gem of southwest Colorado. Located in a deep valley and old mining town, surrounded by 13,000′ and 14,000′ mountains, with natural hot springs and the nearby Telluride Ski Resort, the area is truly unforgettable.

Karen’s many excursions to visit the Disappointment Valley wild horses are only a couple of hours from Ouray. The contrast of Ouray’s relatively new and jagged mountains with the nearby deserts inhabited by the wild horses are striking. We hope you’ll stop in for a visit!