Bounce in Anthraquinone Blue

01 Bounce, 2007 Aug DisValBlack StallionMoments With Wild Horses # 195 Bounce, wild stallion Spring Creek Basin/Dis.Val/CO. 48 x 60” @2014
It was 2007, just before the BLM roundup In Spring Creek Basin. I was driving along the top of a narrow cliff and saw a beautiful black stallion below. Even looking at him from a distance, I felt a serene presence about him; black, quiet, standing like a ghost in the grayness of the desert. Years later, when I painted him, I chose Anthraquinone Blue, because like the first time I saw Bounce, I thought of a quiet power. When I got out of the car and walked to the edge to see him better, he was gone along with the rest of his family. I looked and searched, but could not find a trace of them. He never left my mind, and years later, I found out from TJ Holmes, who he was. She had given him the name of Bounce. He is still running free there. I have seen him since, and though he is seven years older, he still moves me with his calm serene strength. Some horses seem to have a positive effect on other horses in their bands and herds than others. Bounce is one of those.

Moments with Wild Horses #195 Bounce 48x60 @2014 Spring Creek Basin