Hollywood in Pyrrole Red

Moments With Wild Horses #197 Hollywood
@2014 48×72”
On a research trip into Disappointment Valley, June 2012, photographer TJ Holmes and documentor of the Spring Creek Basin Wild Horses, and I found the wild stallion Comanche missing from his band family. Kestrel his mare, and daughters yearling Juniper, and Madison were alone! Odd for a stallion to leave his family. What happened to him we wondered? Why did he leave them? Was he alright? Where was he?
We finally found him in this vast desert land, with the stallion Hollywood and his band. Hollywood’s family included a mare in heat. There was a flurry of activity with all the horses running around that day, never ending posturing and horses moving this way and that, kicking up sand, running here and there.
At one point the two stallions dueled, and Hollywood won. No injuries. Just breathtaking powerful posturing and noise! Meanwhile, in another part of the Basin, mare Kestrel tired of waiting for Comanche to return, came with daughters in hand to get her man and take him home to their grazing area.
This painting was inspired by Hollywood rearing to defend his mare and band.
Karen Keene Day
(l)Hollywood and comanche (r)IMG_0246
Pyrrole Red!! Powerful, exciting, vibrant, happy , alive, quiet strength; all describe this amazing color!!! It applies to wild stallion Hollywood defending his family, and at the same time, to a serene horse in other paintings. It just is a color that defines wild horses in my studio most of the time!!