New summer paintings in Michael Mitchell Gallery 2013

This 2013 summer brought me again to the desert of Disappointment Valley in southwestern Colorado to see the Spring Creek Basin wild horses I love so much, both in the Basin and in the Sanctuary.  Returning  to their desolate homeland year after year, since 2003 , getting in touch with their family units, reminds me again of what an honor it is to be there and see them.  Of my seven new summer paintings, five have been sent to the Michael Mitchell Gallery in Charleston, SC, with a new  dimension to them: my studio floor canvas  have become further extensions of my paintings.
With palette knife filled with paint to create the wild horse movements on my easel canvas, some of my Golden acrylic paint drips down from my palette knife and canvas, onto the floor canvas and oil drip pan. My footsteps journey throughout the paint and I add more paint deliberately too. Some of these floor canvas have become our family tablecloths, but as they are extensions of the paintings themselves, I have for so long, desired to incorporate them into my paintings.   The stallions Chrome , Ze, and running Kwona, yearling son of Chrome and Terra, are in motion on top of layers of  painted floor canvas.  It is a  labor of love, and a combination of my passion and the horses’ energy still inside my soul.