Recent Works December 11, 2010

Moments With Wild Horses 81 8x8 inches Dec.2010

A closeup of Duke, a magnificent wild stallion in Disappointment Valley,Spring Creek Basin. This herd is located in the desert between Norwood and Dove Creek,Colorado. He is an older stallion, living with horses whose families were broken up by the 2007 Roundup by the US gov’t/BLM(Bureau of Land Management). He seems to be the wise one and stands in front of the bachelor stallions to look at the unknown intruder. He acted as a protector of the “teen guys” when I last saw him in Sept.2010.  Last year I saw him with a mare and foal, whom he had lost, regained, and is now without again. It is important that wild horses find members to stay with when they lose their families. They need protection and companionship. Wild horses are herd animals.

In august of 2010 I saw this Spring Creek wild horse in Disappointment Valley. After this trip I could not get into the Herd Management Area (HMA) again until september due to flash floods in the arollos which made the dirt roads impassable. The good news was that the horses had more water from the heavens above.